India‘s Covid children

Children in villages, impacted by the Covid 19 situation

Growing numbers of Malnourishment, child Labour, child marriage, violence and failing digital home schooling are some of the obvious results of the Covid-19 crises described in the 2020 reports by huge NGOs such as Save the Children, UNESCO and others. The issues are not just traceable in rural versus urban surroundings, but are also influenced by gender, religion, region and other factors.

As Parakalar Prabhakar, a famous Indian political economist and commentator, says:

“Malnourishment of children in our country is among the highest in the world … There is a huge increase of non enrollment in schools. A large number of underprivileged children might go away for ever from school education and fall into child labor… and even girl marriage. Digital schooling fails – only 15 %of rural households have access to Internet services… (and many of them also have power issues and devices are not available to the children) … the mental health situation of many children is scaring…domestic violence, the number of child labor is growing rapidly…”

The situation in our Making More Health project area

In our tribal villages our NGO partner and some other supporters have set up home schooling in groups. Children meet regularly their village teachers. The school hours do not “ disappear” Although the circumstances “on the outside places” might not be very comfortable and the groups might be mixed with different ages it allows children to continue to learn and to socialize.

With our Making More Health Initiative we are providing e.g in five villages not just grocery aid kits to the most needy, but have set up also village kitchen where regularly once a day food is cooked by village people and distributed to all village people. This food based on vegetables and additional healthy food completes the rice rations given by the government.

Concrete facts and figures

If you want to understand more details why digital schooling does not work well for many children, if you want to know more about the mental health situation of the children and malnourishment, if you are interested in concrete facts and number regarding the situation of children in India (and partly also internationally), have a look at this video.

Save the children describes here the mental health status of Children in India in the COVID crises.

Mental health effects on school closure are described in this Lancet article.

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