Women in rural India, day 7 – 7 impressions, 7 days

This is the last picture of this week dedicated to women in India. Women demonstrating power, pride and joy – if we just open our eyes and see. We should think much more positive and share these examples instead of stressing always the negative ones. What do you think?

Women in rural India, day 6 – 7 days, 7 impressions

A week dedicated to women in India: every day find here a photo on how women live in rural India. Women who are full of power, pride and joy, too – we had a lot of fun that day. Enjoy! And… you can see a short video of this dance here:

Twoandahalfweeks in India – Thoughts before leaving

Just a few days before leaving Sounds promising, somehow still unrealistic and far away: Going to India. I am sitting at home with a coffee, the newspaper on the table, the family members hurrying from the bathroom to the kitchen, where is the key, Mum, I need to pay a book at school, Mum, I…