Want to join an impactful travel?

Are you interested in joining a social, impactful travel to South India, in one of the most diverse, disruptive, entrepreneurial and colourful places in the world?

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  • For businesses: Are you looking for a disruptive leadership program for  your managers? With the maximum of impact and reasonable prices. Understand social business, get in contact with local changemakers and gain insights on how social entrepreneurial activities can lead to more innovation in your business.  Social engagement and CSR and business are not two different worlds. Think Shared Value –  bring CSR and business together.  Make real change happen and help to build markets. Your market of the future! Everyone will gain from it. Have a look at http://www.innovindia.org
  • For private people/groups: Want to do a holiday and at the same time  learn about meaningful work in South India? Are you interested in more than just sightseeing?  Want to learn about peole, cultures and local NGO work? Participate in a purposeful travel, learn and enjoy! Contribute to make the world better – simply while traveling you become part of a social project. Contact to know more about the next Non-profit oriented travel. We offer 1 – 2 times/year a travel that you will not find in a catalogue.


The social and economic challenges of today’s world are complex. Globalisation, demographic developments, connected thinking, modern technologies, the demand for new markets and many other factors challenge companies not only as economic drivers but also as bearers of social responsibility. However, traditional CSR and the continuous push to innovate is reaching its limits. This also applies to organisations with a social focus, which frequently have only a selective and limited impact due to lack of economic power and poor networking. We need innovative solutions that meet the needs of society and the economy in equal measure, thereby eliminating the artificial separation of the social and corporate worlds by creating sustainable marketplaces.

The 21st century goes social
The 21st century goes social

The best way to learn is to experience.

The best way to  listen is to get in direct interaction with the people in need.

The best way to act is becoming part of a network that cares.





Understanding trends – Additional background information:

 German Federal Ministry of Health: “Shaping Global Health. Joint Action. Embracing Responsibility. The Federal Government’s Strategy Paper,” Berlin (may be ordered from publikationen@bundesregierung.de)

Klein, Paul (2014): The Coming End of Corporate Charity, and How Companies Should Prepare, www.forbes.com/sites/forbesleadershipforum/2014/07/09/the-coming-end-of-corporate-charity-and-how-companies-should-prepare/

 Corporate social responsibility: the ultimate marketing toolMore companies are turning to corporate social responsibility in order to bolster their reputation, as well as their profits February 13th, 2015, inShare27

Blog post: Save it or kill it: business needs a new heart to survive

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  1. Good post. I’m facing some of these issues as well..


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