A social entrepreneurial trip for your managers to rural India?!???


You do not have time and resources for such a kind of business trip? You think this is too social? No time, no budget, no go in your business world? Rethink!

Probably you miss a huge chance for being present in a future market place!

Just watch this video. Understand the business case!

The sustainable development goals launched recently by the UN matter and you/your business can do more than traditional CSR might include.

Your Social responsibility activities can become the changing element – for others, for your employees and for your business:

  • Make your social activities a part of your business strategy.  Inside and outside.
  • Explore and support social entrepreneurial projects onsite – just by going for a disruptive leadership experience. Take your leaders “out of the comfort zone” to think differently.
  • Give your managers a chance to think to explore what it really means to serve customer needs. Create the right space for innovative thinking. Break with old patterns and beliefs.
  • Learn how to avoid idea killers
  • Attract better talent – because you do differently.
  • Make your social engagement “tangible”  to your employees and learn how to make better business.
  • The costs for an exposure trip? Often less than traditional leadership trainings…

“The imperativeness of CSR is not only the future for business, it has already arrived. Those adopting socially and environmentally beneficial practices are already reaping the benefits; while those who choose not to do so, will simply be left behind as the rest of the world progresses in greater harmony.” (Vice President in Edelman’s Business and Social for Purpose team, Aman Singh)

Just a first idea …

20140711-055144-21104594.jpgIndia and the different realities of Indian life. Do you just see two dancing women? Learn about yourself, your perceptions and get new ideas.

  • discover by focusing on positive elements
  • think buiness and innovation through different eyes!

Any questions? Please contact and have a look at the progam and organizational details. Get more information here.

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