Private tours: Travel is more than the seeing of sights …



Travel is the change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. 


Fish market in South East India
Fish market in South East India

Next date: January 2017, 14 days travel to South India (Tamil Nadu and Kerala).


For whom: 8 (min.)- 15 (max) participants, interested in a different kind of traveling. A travel that matters and where social impact is the leading element. Safe, social, different. We look for participants who are open-minded and interested to stay in NGOs, to meet changemakers, to interact with local people and to combine real experiencing & learnings with  a lot of fun and relax.

What is offered? We …

  • Indian elephant
    Kerala, Natural Park

    plan an organized 14 days round-trip in Kerala and Tamil Nadu: Trivandrum, Coimbatore, Peermade, Cochin.

  • stay in guest facilities of social organisations and explore what they do and how they do it.
  • offer insights in social projects and interactions with local population.
  • look forward to interesting discussions with you

Cashew nut makers

  • go for relaxing evenings and – of course –
  • provide opportunities to discover an amazing nature, to do some sightseeing and to  have some individual time in amazing places.
  • We will travel in mini bus, by train and jeeps. We explore a different India and focus on positive learnings.
  • We offer clean, but simple rooms for singles and couples. Food is safe.
South India, a tribal woman
South India, a tribal woman

Stay in social organisations in Trivandrum, where changemakers from all over the world meet and learn, visit rural villages close to Coimbatore, understand family life in the Western Ghats and enjoy backwaters and Cochin.

Visit unusual place where change takes place, where realities might look different from what you may think. Discuss with local people, visit women selfhelp groups and exchange ideas with NGOs. Understand life conditions.

Enjoy your holidays. Combine experiences of new realities, mindfulness and relax.

20% of the travel costs go directly to social projects you will visit. The travel is done in coopersation with an official travel operator and a trusted NGO.

Are you interested to join us? Please contact!


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