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 Are you a real entrepreneur and innovation-oriented person? Are you a leader who wants to learn more on how future biz models and social change can look and how to do the right today for being successful even tomorrow? Then you should read this.

NEXT TRAINING WEEK – registration open now! 11-17 December 2016. Participants: Senior and CSR Managers from international companies. For detail information, please visit this website – Please note that the number of participants is limited. Deadline for registration: 10th October 2016.


Discover Indian realities
Discover Indian realities

Have you ever thought about the fact that

  • the rapidly growing aging pyramid in Europe and US will lead to disruptive changes in the existing markets?
  • Social responsibility will becoming a decisive business factor and will have a huge influence on your company, esp. if you work in international surroundings?
  • in 2050 ca. 75% of the world population will live in Asia and Africa?
  • Millenials have a completely different understanding on how a social responsible organisation/company should look?
  • Every 5th person in the world is Indian?
  • India is home to 586 million women, that means 17% of the world’s total number of women?
  • the next generation in the emerging countries will have a much better education?

Innovative thinking, better leadership, understanding new market potential -but how?

New business models will emerge, innovative products and innovative processes internally and externally have to be developed. How to make sure that you are prepared for the future?

Explore what could be in for you, for your business and the society –  experience the potential in a country that makes it easy to discover what is really needed.

If you are interested in detail information, please contact!

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