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Next developmental experience for senior managers and CSR leaders from national/international companies open now for registration! Please note that the number of participants is limited. Deadline: 10th October 2016.

For detailed information/registration, please visit the website

Outlook 2017

Tribal people – How they live, what they think

One experience in South India will take place in the first week of April 2017. Information will be available soon.

Independent from the Innovindia program we are able to organize for your business managers/team

  • a peprsonalised 7 to 10 days exposure trip to India
  • possible destinations:
    • in the North (Delhi/Uttarakhand/Himalayas)
    • the South (tribal areas in the surroundings of Coimbatore and urban experience) or
    • Central India (rural and tribal areas in Maharashtra, Mumbai,  Mangalore)
    • We can also combine two of these regions in one exposure trip – as it makes sense and aligns to your needs..
  • group size: 8 to max. 16 participants
  • authentic grassroot experiences and exchange with local stakeholders
  • complete organization (local visits, transport, food, stay) in collaboration with NGOs and guiding the exposure trip – in collaboration with you, if wanted.
  • every day: field visits and workshops according to your focus activities and interests (e.g. focus: transport system, agriculture, medicine, finance, education, food, media …). The workshops will focus on social entrepreneurial thinking, different types of innovation, social networking and shared value approaches (M. Porter)
  • stay in guest houses, local NGOs, social learning centers and tribal villages

    Indian realities
    Indian realities in the big cities
  • Learn, listen, experience, connect – to those who are not part of the traditional business world: the social world, academics, and local politicians.
  • A real change making experience for a fair price – and set up as a social business.
  • Gharwal region, Uttarakhand
    Gharwal region, Uttarakhand – climate and infrastructural challenges, but a fantastic nature

    We offer simple, but safe and clean guest rooms, healthy food and good meeting facilities instead of high cost hotels. A third of the travel fees will be used for supporting social projects for NGOs we work with and educational/professional education: E.g. kindergarten buildings, nutrition supplements, awareness programs, digital trainings for underserved local populations.

  • Worried about the costs? Compared with spending you might have for traditional business and leadership trainings be sure that you will be positively surprised.

Let’s talk! Please contact!


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