Also this is our world: a Toda village and a sacred stone

Toda tribes live in the highest altitude of the Nilgiris mountains in South India, mainly in the surroundings of Udhagamanalam (Ooty) and Kunda taluks. They are part of the pastoral tribes and worship buffalos. The ‘hamlets’ of Todas comprise only a few houses. Todas normally live in half barrel houses. Nowadays there are only ca….

An unforgettable ride in the Nilgiri Mountain Train

I’m not really tall, but when I step into the old fashioned coach and take seat in the famous Nilgiri mountain train that takes me from Ooty to Coonnoor my knees do not fit and hit against the seat ahead. Uuh, that’s straight! It’s winter, around 25 degrees Celsius and I am happy not to…

7weeks in India – Momos in Ooty

I see them and can hardly resist: momos, veg balls in garlic sauce, boiled in water. One my preferred foods in India. I spend the weekend in Ooty, a hill town in the Nilgiri mountains at 2.240m. Talking with the momo lady The lady is preparing momos at a cooking stand when I pass by….