Looking for an Indian chocolate paradise? Welcome to the hill station of Ooty

When we leave Coimbatore in the morning it’s already getting hot although it’s still very early in the morning. We, the core team members, are on the way to Ooty, one of the famous hill stations in South India. We want to explore some places to be well prepared when in the next week our Making More Health Leadership program with managers will start again. Among many things a one day experience in the Nilgiris mountains is on the agenda. The planned excursion is about exploring some interesting aspects of Ooty and especially the life of the tribals, called Todas. So, today we have to prepare our itinerary for that day and will visit the village and some other places close by. But before we arrive, we discover a great speciality of Ooty:

Ooty – an Indian chocolate paradise

Every Indian who comes to Ooty – and there are lot of Indian tourists at the moment as summer holidays have started – knows that Ooty is famous for its sweets and especially also its chocolate.

So why not stopping for a moment at Ooty’s chocolate museum? Of course, it’s a must to taste it, too. There is a huge selection of chocolates, chocolate that really tastes very good and is offered in many variations. Chocolate with salt and pepper, chilly chocolate, sweet chocolate, white and brown and black, ginger chocolate, cocos chocolate…

The museum is a small one, but nicely set up. And having a good chocolate and a summer day with decent temperatures in Ooty, there up in the Nilgiris mountains, it’s per se worth a visit.

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