Ever thought about kindergarten paintings in India?

  Have you ever thought how kindergarten paintings in the different countries might reflect the culture? What about the colours, the teaching elements, the size of the paintings? Which content is visualized? That’s how kindergarten paintings in India look – where it is possible to build new ones. The Making More Health Initiative in collaboration…

With snacks towards a better future

Originally posted on Go India, go future!:
Womens’ life in small cities and poor urban surrounding has always been very hard – like womens’ life in many parts of India. Women in rural areas have a long working day: they get up very early, carry huge containers of water or bundles of wood on their…

When poor girls learn about graphic design 

It’s a small project, but one of those projects which makes a difference in the lives of young adults. Directly, without  too much theoretical thinking how to do it, but just by starting and making a difference – step by step.  The idea is simple, but effective . The location? An orphanage in Mangalore, India….