When poor girls learn about graphic design 

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It’s a small project, but one of those projects which makes a difference in the lives of young adults. Directly, without  too much theoretical thinking how to do it, but just by starting and making a difference – step by step.  The idea is simple, but effective . The location? An orphanage in Mangalore, India.

It’s here where I met Gita a year ago when I visited the children home to learn about a NGO work. Gita is a volunteer. A middle-aged woman who has been workingin the digital industry and who dedicates some hours every week to the girls living in the orphanage. She offers classes on Internet usage and graphic design.

When I asked her about the volunteering work, she says: “These girls have a chance to make their own lives if they get the right skills. If they are able to find jobs in the modern world. Giving them food and a home is important. But what they need to be able to build a better future and to conduct a life that makes them happy once they are adult is much more.The poor and these children here in the home need the right skills, the right education. Then they can get good jobs and become part of the professional world. Otherwise, they will always depend on others, or live at the bottom of the pyramid.” Together with the young girls she writes small story books for younger children with the aim to publish and sell them. While she teaches how to work on the computer, the children learn how to use the Internet, how to optimize pictures and how to develop the right graphic design. It’s a learning by doing approach.

She has taken me to the computer room that has been set up, step by step – Gita has contacted a lot of earlier colleagues and companies and asked for sponsoring. But the most impressive moment was when I saw one of the books they work on:The design is professional. And done by the girls …

A mirror story book 

A scenario from the mirror story book
A scenario from the mirror story book

During the last weeks two girls, Savitha and Mamatha,  have worked on a new project: A mirror story book for kindergarten children. Kindergarten in tribal and rural areas rarely have a mirror – and rarly get an opportunity to observe themselves in a mirror.  Together with a mirror we will distribute this small book in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, India.

Hopefully, this book which is distributed for free also in other parts of the world  will get some donations, too and in this way contribute also to create a win for the two girls: “Savitha and Mamatha – they are from a below poverty level family.  Due to the monetary problem, they discontinued their studies. Hope this project will help them to fulfill their dreams and “to pursue their graduation,” explains Gita.

I look forward to get the final copy. And you?

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