Ever thought about kindergarten paintings in India?


Have you ever thought how kindergarten paintings in the different countries might reflect the culture?

What about the colours, the teaching elements, the size of the paintings? Which content is visualized?

That’s how kindergarten paintings in India look – where it is possible to build new ones. The Making More Health Initiative in collaboration with the Karl Kübel Institute For Education Development isgoing to inaugurate this week the second MMH kindergarten building in South India.

Unfortunately, in India there are still too many kindergarten buildings which are far away from this: they lack of water, the children room is often full of smoke as smokeless cooking places are missing and often broken roofs lead to unhealthy conditions inside.

But here you get an idea how it can look inside if kindergarten buildings are set up in rural areas: the wall paintings inside are very colourful, showing smiling people, visualize numbers and letters and also some traditional stories as the one about the black bird which needs to be clever to get to the water in a mug…  Have a look at the video yourself:

By the way: Did you know that many kindergarten teacher are also informal health workers? They check the weight of the children, helpf to get supplementary food for those children who are underweight, they care about pregnant women in the villages, work together with official health workers and organize vaccination and other prenvention -related actitivites, visit elderly and ill patientes in their houses…

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