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A “close to earth” function in a tribal village in India

It is always amazing to learn about different cultures, how people behave and how they stay together and celebrate in special events. I had several times a chance to take part and to enjoy ceremonies and local functions during my … Continue reading

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Leprosy in India is still a big issue, but a smile does not cost anything

Just a day back… They are sitting and having dinner. In the dining hall – many people. This is nothing special, I know. But this time it is different. I see it when I watch the people and it will … Continue reading

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What the lack of Internet means to rural Indian Kindergarten Teachers

   At 10.30 am  the Workshop should start. When I enter the meeting room at 10 am most of the 15 kindergarten teachers are already sitting in the room and waiting. Whoever says that all Indian meetings starts much later … Continue reading

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A heartwarming co-existence with cows, dogs & goats in India’s cities 

Cows, dogs, even monkeys and goats are a natural part of India’s cities and present everywhere – even in the metropolis like Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai.  This might be surprising and unusual for tourists who visit the subcontinent for the … Continue reading

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Feel at home – and live the spirit of a Haveli 

  I have never met more interesting people in such a short time than during my stay at a  Haveli in Ahmedabad. A Haveli originally was a rich merchants house and you can see many of them in Guajarat and … Continue reading

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