Design and magic moments in daily Indian city life

Do you understand this pic at a first glance ?

There are magic moments – overall in India. You just have to frame and things get “crazy”.

Due to some official meetings with governmental and non- governmental organizations I’m staying in the big Indian cities. In between when time permits I like walking in less known parts or taking a Riksha to places that are telling stories.

One special thing in India are tea houses, often nearly invisible from outside, a small door, a number of stairs and then a tearoom that is … magic. Like this one:

Tea house in Delhi

And – of course – doors…

Enough for today. It was a long travel, long talks and a huge number of pictures in my head. But every single Indian moment in such surroundings is simply great.

Often we don’t see them or do not want to see. We just look at things in hurry and think we know. But we need to change how we see to get the magic moments, to understand what’s behind.

By the way: It’s from there that also innovation starts.

Take some time, look at details and enjoy. There is so much of magic and arts – everywhere!

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