Inauguration of a children park at the tribal hospital

“Today there will be a big surprise,” my two Making More Health team members from South India announced and smiled widely.

“Which surprise?”, I ask while we continue with our leadership week program going with the participants to the tribal hospital in Kottathara in Kerala, India. As usual we want to learn how this hospital works and visit our Making More Health Awareness Center which we have opened recently in a close collaboration with our NGO partner and the doctors to give patients and their relatives more health awareness. I ask again what’s the secret all about, but they do not tell me …

When we arrive I see colourful balloons in the trees and many nurses and other people are waiting for us. Then I see it: the planned children park is ready and today the inauguration takes place. That’s really a surprise- and a very emotional moment for me. They prepared it for us, for this visit.

The doctor and myself cut the band, everyone gets a flower. A great moment.

This Making More Health children park will hopefully be useful for all children and parents who have long waiting times, stay for many hours with their beloved patients.

And me? I see the impact of what we have achieved together in the last years. Step by step. Now it pays off. In many ways.

Thanks so much to the doctors and healthcare professionals and to my Indian team members! It’s one of the best moments and there are so many good ones here doing this work.

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