More health? Then empower people through digital knowledge to take care

… because health means to empower people to care about themselves! Besides the access to Internet (which is available in many rural parts of the world) it is important to teach basic digital knowledge to those who are living in poor surroundings: about how to handle devices, how to use the Internet and writing emails….

IT skills,Dhritee & Dhitulee, a children book and and a better future

“Dhritee & Dhitulee – All about Pearl” is a story book for children that captures an interesting interaction between a child and an insect leading to an enlightening discovery. “Well”, you might say, “it could be one of the thousands and thousands of children book all over the world.” Right, but “Dhritee and Dhitulee” is NOT just…

7 weeks in India – Bangalore: two worlds, no bridge

I can’t get used to it: extreme poverty  and  awealthy up to  rich middle class staying together as if they were friends. Strange friends: one of them has got everything and the other not even the basics for a human living. You may find this contrast everywhere in India. But due to the incredible economic…

About needs, drivers of needs and context – databases are simply not enough!

Knowing your market, knowing your customers and knowing the trends for everyone who wants to sell, change and/or influence is essential. That’s what we have learned, heard in universities and what is the promising way to success. Without doubt. Whether these are traditional, innovative or social businesses. But how do you do that? Do you…

Socializing is key for Innovation

When it comes to innovation thinking most of resources and time are spent to identify and invent new technologies, such as a sophisticated software solution, a sexy app or a crazy device. What do you find in many project plans? Most of them show the necessities to build the technical result. Not more, not less….