More health? Then empower people through digital knowledge to take care

… because health means to empower people to care about themselves!

Besides the access to Internet (which is available in many rural parts of the world) it is important to teach basic digital knowledge to those who are living in poor surroundings: about how to handle devices, how to use the Internet and writing emails. Being aware about data protection and risks. Understanding E-commerce. That‘s why we run regularly also digital trainings for self- help groups and anganwadi teachers in our project area.

The latest digital training for anganwadi teachers was conducted at KKID on 15.12.2018 with 18 participants and was resourced by kkid team (our local NGO partner in rural South India) and two local trainers.

The sessions in the morning dealt with importance of internet, social media and ecommerce, cyber security, positive and negative aspects of internet and the participants wanted to know more about social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp etc.

“It was very helpful to learn about the importance of keeping passwords safely, learning also about atm, mobile banking, email”, said one participant. And one women added: “I liked a lot the session on photography, e.g.on how to take good photos and the practical demonstration.”

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