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Have you ever experienced outdoor washing in winter?

It’s really cold outside. In some parts of the small stream water is frozen. Some days it is even worse and water accessibility is becoming a huge problem. Water is always limited and the dwells often miles away. But then, … Continue reading

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Understanding how to implement successfully a water project in the slums

Recently, Philippe de Roix has shared this video with me on his work. The video shows how he started his social entrepreneurial work in the Philippines and Bangladesh, which impact it has and what he was able to change in … Continue reading

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The Beauty of an early walk in an Indian town

 These days, for discovering the beauty of an Indian town there is nothing better than an early morning walk. It is hot and humid, only in the morning hours, when the town wakes up , the temperatures are really nice. … Continue reading

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Why is it that difficult to make old people drink?

The availability of clean water is a large issue in many parts of the world, but also in the developed countries where the fresh liquid is coming out of the tap people die because of lack of water. How is … Continue reading

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