Water testing in our schools

Our local partner and a Helioz team member test the water quality

Health means also to have access to high quality of drinking water. The number of diseases caused by infected water for human beings and animals is still very high. Much too high – also in our Making More Health project area in rural South India.

That’s why in our MMH areas close to Coimbatore, in the villages and schools, we have started now also a water testing activity to identify the biggest issues and to develop solutions. Together with a social enterprise from Austria, Helioz, we are doing the first steps to improve the water quality.

What has happened so far

Water testing in one of our Making More Health kindergarten

In the past three years we have been running a huge hygiene program at schools for students and, teachers and parents – supporting with toilets and water infrastructure and together with our local NGO partner and WASH (one of our Making MoreHealth Fellows). This initiative is in it’s third year now, thousand of students are involved and more and more schools benefit from it.

Better water, better life

Better hygiene, better water in one of the schools where we engage

But the quality of the water itself that people and schools use every day needs improvements. Decisive improvements. As soon as we get the water analysis results we will start to act and educate the population how they can improve on their own the drinking water and maybe even set up small businesses. How? Well …

Stay tuned to find out more soon!

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