The Beauty of an early walk in an Indian town


A morning walk. in Karamadai, South of India.
A morning walk in Karamadai, South of India.
These days, for discovering the beauty of an Indian town there is nothing better than an early morning walk. It is hot and humid, only in the morning hours, when the town wakes up , the temperatures are really nice. For the rest of the day everyone is looking to avoid the sun … 
Still a few weeks will pass before the first refreshing monsoon rain comes. This year in many parts of India water is very limited and the animals often are walking on the streets in search of water. 

It’s 7:00 am in Karamadai, ca. 30 km away chilometers away from Coimbatore. The town is not too crowdy yet and it is the best time to discover Indian way of life. Have a look!

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