Why is it that difficult to make old people drink?

The availability of clean water is a large issue in many parts of the world, but also in the developed countries where the fresh liquid is coming out of the tap people die because of lack of water. How is this possible? Every day a lot of elderly people arrive in hospitals because they do not drink enough. Because they cannot easily move and take a glass or simply forget it … and because it takes too much time to make them drink regularly. Lack of nurses, family members who cannot take care all the day and check, problems of advanced societies. These elderly people arrive in the hospitals, are cured, go back and after a few weeks come back in hospital with the same problems again.

When I heard about it I wondered if there is no good solution somewhere to solve this problem. A reminding and counting device for those who forget simply to drink regularly, some nurses more in the homes for elderly people – this would not create additional costs if we could save the costs from recovering expenses in hospitals- , maybe moveable drinking stations that can be attached to people who cannot move a lot anymore?
What do you think? Any idea?

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