Culture of Health in India – who can help?

Culture of health in rural areas of India Since I have come back to Germany I try to understand more on health issues in India, mainly the situation in rural areas in the South (Kerala and Tamil Nadu) It is not that much about diseases, hospitals, medicines I am looking for. Nor about statistics, facts…

Are you a silo worker or a real changemaker?

Often it starts with a brilliant, but short-term based idea: let’s build an app for xyz, let’ s do a social campaign, let’s plan an event. Let’s create a project or type of startup. Said and done and voilá the result… And it is good to start. Just theoretic paper writing has never changed anything….

Video of the month: Building a culture of health

A culture of health: The world is complex and making health, as well. Building a culture of health means more than just giving a medicine, a doctor’s visit or building hospitals: it is also about finding and implementing solutions to fight against poverty, to create jobs and to deliver education. At all stages of life….

Why is it that difficult to make old people drink?

The availability of clean water is a large issue in many parts of the world, but also in the developed countries where the fresh liquid is coming out of the tap people die because of lack of water. How is this possible? Every day a lot of elderly people arrive in hospitals because they do…

Women in rural India, day 7 – 7 impressions, 7 days

This is the last picture of this week dedicated to women in India. Women demonstrating power, pride and joy – if we just open our eyes and see. We should think much more positive and share these examples instead of stressing always the negative ones. What do you think?

Women in rural India, day 6 – 7 days, 7 impressions

A week dedicated to women in India: every day find here a photo on how women live in rural India. Women who are full of power, pride and joy, too – we had a lot of fun that day. Enjoy! And… you can see a short video of this dance here: