Video of the month: Building a culture of health

A culture of health:

The world is complex and making health, as well.
Building a culture of health means more than just giving a medicine, a doctor’s visit or building hospitals: it is also about finding and implementing solutions to fight against poverty, to create jobs and to deliver education. At all stages of life.

What is needed?
-a holistic approach. The complexity requires a community based solution, no one – even the richest industries – can not achieve alone a longterm solution.
– close collaboration by social and business stakeholders
that go beyond traditional partnerships and go across ‘business’ borders
– solutions that are based on and link back to the needs so that they allow people to develop themselves.

How this can work, how co-creation and a community based approach can really provoke ‘change’ is shown by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation who selected six villages and awarded them for community approaches for better health:

It might be just a part of what holistic approach means. However, the awarded community-based approaches give an idea, what do you think?

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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)
Six villages awarded:

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