Culture of Health in India – who can help?


Culture of health in rural areas of India

Since I have come back to Germany I try to understand more on health issues in India, mainly the situation in rural areas in the South (Kerala and Tamil Nadu)
It is not that much about diseases, hospitals, medicines I am looking for. Nor about statistics, facts and figures. There is a lot of material published in the Internet, books, by health- related (international) organizations that I have read through.

What I am looking for is the ‘ culture of health’, the soft factors. These are questions such as:

1. What kind of health-related topics are discussed/taught within the families? What does “everyone” know?
2. Which prevention measurements are taken during pregnancy – tradition- based/ sayings/ non medical, but society based recommendations ?
3. If and how do local children books take care about health?
4. There are songs, poems, rimes, habits that are transferred from generation to generation?
5. How are health- related measurements in the household decided, e.g. Safety, hygiene, prevention, homemade care and by whom (across generations, gender…)?
5. How much health and which health topics are communicated in the local media ( topics, tips …and who is the target group?)
6. Any links to blogs, books that can give more insight?

Any comment, advice and support from you is highly appreciated 🙂

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