Are you a silo worker or a real changemaker?

Often it starts with a brilliant, but short-term based idea: let’s build an app for xyz, let’ s do a social campaign, let’s plan an event. Let’s create a project or type of startup. Said and done and voilá the result…
And it is good to start. Just theoretic paper writing has never changed anything. If well done, people will like it ( which does not mean that they will buy it), the boss will appreciate it ( which does not automatically mean that it will have impact) and your friends will support you (at least for some days or weeks). Who of us does not like this kind of appreciation? It helps us to feel good, to get positive feedback and sometimes it helps even our careers. Or in another, more business driven words: There is a measurable, visible key performance indicator. Success. Success?

The first product or initiative is just the beginning – and often – unfortunately- also the ending point. Creating real change, real impact needs much more: communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing across business silos, departmental boundaries and socializing and active involvement of people you do not know yet. Measuring and demonstrating the KPI becomes much more difficult – long term activities need much more energy, also from third parties to be recognized and positively supported.

This infographic reflects the various stages of real success:


Where are you with your activities?

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