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Good social responsibility requires our personal engagement – because it helps to grow people differently 

The first game tailoring training started one year ago.  The women were keen to learn but they were a little scared whether they could make it or not. Hand embroidery, working on a more complex design, knowing that they were … Continue reading

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Understanding Social entrepreneurship – overcoming traditional barriers

Have you heard about social entrepreneurship?  You still wonder what it is all about? There might be different interpretations and understanding on what it is, different ways of emphazing more the social or the entrepreneurial aspect in it.  However, thinking … Continue reading

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Splendid technology, but change needs much more

It is a very promising and interesting trend to invest into single social enterprises and into technology. If both “pieces”come together, it is even better and it does not take too long until everyone talks about it. Many conferences highlight … Continue reading

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Impressions from the life in the Philippines 

The days in the Philippines have passed quickly. Before going back to India now, let me share a few impressions from this country with its more than 7000 islands, impressive landscapes and colours, its people and challenges.        Related … Continue reading

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Happy New Year and welcome to a Better world!

 A friend of mine lost his job a few days ago because the company did not achieve the golden goal of 250000 EUR more profit than in 2014. But 180 000 EUR only, only a 5% growth…Well, things happen. The … Continue reading

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