Soaps made with passion and heart

Our soap competition with Selfhelp groups is in the full production phase.

Five Selfhelp groups participate with various soap formats and produce all in all 1000 soaps.

While doing so they learn a lot: “It requires a lot of passion, but also accuracy. The soaps should have the same high quality standard. Packaging then is the next challenge. Our products should look nice. We have started even to sell”, explains one of the participants.

In November 2019 then is the showcasing day. Everything should be ready by then.

A part of the soaps will be sold to employees from Boehringer Ingelheim in Mumbai.

I believe we can link it to big companies. Everyone needs soaps. Why not taking soaps that help other people to grow and to create income where it is so much needed?

Hopefully, the interest in the soaps will raise alongside the production and marketing skills of the women. Because it’s not just about soaps. It’s about practicing a sustainable way of creating a better life for themselves and their families.

We love it. And you?

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