Company owners, Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability managers: are you ready to leave your comfort zone?

Join our InnovIndia weeks – because experiencing matters

Interested to experience your own agility, to learn about social entrepreneurial thinking and systemic approaches while interacting with people living at the poverty line, local businesses and other local stakeholders?

Are you someone who wants to make a real lasting and meaningful difference in the world? Who wants to learn by doing instead of planning based on numbers and papers only?

Join the InnovIndia week if you are ready to leave the office comfort zone, ready to go deeper and to see also the positive and negative site effects of (impactful) doing and to discover unknown potential for your business and yourself…

Since 2015, we have offered these week experiences in India and Kenya to more then be 300 colleagues internally while creating a movement of change inside the company. We believe it’s time to go beyond and to open up these experiences to you, too! Because social innovation and experience matters if we want to make a more sustainable world happen.

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