A change that the world needs – that’s why experiencing through leadership weeks counts

The 9th “MMH Insight leadership week” in India. Together with our Animal Health and Innovation weeks more than 200 managers from all the world have now participated in this learning experience and many of them have started their own social entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial (from within) projects – in their home countries or in our Indian Making More Health project area in the South of India.

It’s our first day in the “field”: a nice tour in the minibus, a visit at our #MMH anganwadi (kindergarten) and our first town challenge (and our people made it 🙂) – so time for a short break at the bakery.

Happy to have now also five Indian colleagues with us, besides colleagues from Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Italy, USA, Austria, Australia, UK, …

Because only if we all understand what it means to do better, if we start to understand the need to change systems instead just optimizing only, and when we work together, across all traditional borders and sectors, we can create a change from within. A change that the world needs!

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