Socializing is key for Innovation

When it comes to innovation thinking most of resources and time are spent to identify and invent new technologies, such as a sophisticated software solution, a sexy app or a crazy device. What do you find in many project plans? Most of them show the necessities to build the technical result. Not more, not less….

Social Entrepreneurs and Managers’ huge enterprises – different worlds?

I have met several social entrepreneurs from Europe and Americas. I have learnt about very interesting projects and ideas and how they started their business. And about the daily challenges of funding, administrative issues, finding the right team members and the right people to talk to in the industries. Convincing others to change perspectives and…

Women lag men by 25% in Internet adoption – traditional reasons?

Technical issues, lower education standards, economic reasons. The same old story. The known consequences. What means we can discuss it, share it, present it in huge conferences and …. forget about it. It’s so far away from where we are. Here, in our world. 😦 Graphic attribution:

Being at the hospital – digital & co meets real life

Today I have been at the hospital for visiting a friend of mine. At the neighbor’s bed an old lady seemed to sleep, but not that deep and rather in a unquiet way. In the room I realized a lot of interesting looking technology at the right and the left, digital measuring tools of each…