Social entrepreneur, Social Business, Social Media – how to combine


Social business is all about people. What you do, has impact on how people find new ways to have a better life. It is based on creating a win – win to both parties: the entrepreneur and the people who with their own forces can create a better basis for their lives. In the literature and Search engines you will find articles, where Social Media is sometimes described as Social business. That’s somehow confusing.

Social Media can be a business, and it is social, but there is rarely the taking-responsibility-and -visionary-approach behind to create a better life circumstance for people.
However, also Social Media is always about people and interaction. The two parties principle.
The social aspect has a lot to do with the interactive exchange of information and active participation.

You are a social entrepreneur? Social entrepreneurs need to ensure to communicate well. This includes also the use of Social Media. Simply due to the fact that it helps to get known and to connect. And it should be in line with your offline communication activities. It’ s like a tree. If you give a small plant the right environment it will grow well and become an outstanding one. You can offer a fantastic solution or idea, but what if people do not know? How can you get the relationships you need?

So, when you start a Social business, think also about how you communicate and benefit from what tools such as Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook offer. Tell people, what you do, what you offer to them and how they might benefit from what you do. Get connected!

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