Business of the future: Imagine we could store the energy we produce by ourselves


I am one of those people who regularly visit fitness centers and do my running. While doing all my exercises I often ask myself, what, if we could save the energy we all put into running on the machines, pressing arms and legs against weights and doing Zumba? There is continuous energy production which just goes to nowhere. Or think about areas where thousands of people put their feet – couldn’t we save this energy?
We are always looking to new raw materials to use, we all know about the risks of traditional energy sources … But what about us, about our own energy spread in gym lessons – we as energy source?
Doing sports and at the same time collecting this energy for re-use would be a win win to everybody. People could contribute to the energy problem and at the same time to their personal health.
I think of digital devices in the shoes, or a specific carpet which could collect the energy and bring into our power infrastructure… Probably easy to say.
Unfortunately, I am not an engineer, but if you are, let me know and let’s think about a pilot on how to find out more.

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