Digital marketing requires always your passion, not just the agency’s one!


“We have a good agency on board. We pay for it. We have not that much time to handle it by ourselves. ” That’s what some of busy marketers and business owners think when it comes to communication and marketing issues on Social Media channels and website handling. They select an agency, maybe also two or three, and expect them to do all the digital stuff which often is seen as the technical part only. Ok, some content, as well, but “they can take what they find in offline material or some press releases…”.

But sorry, it does not work. At least I have never seen an example where it really worked …

An agency can help you to develop further your ideas, to check the market situation, write reports, do personas evaluation, create a campaign, set up the right technology, build your website, design a Twitter channel for you and much more … but they cannot take over the most essential part – substitute your authenticity in terms of content and information you want to transfer.

A good writer will be able to set up a good looking article which highlights what you do and offer. It will read fluently and nice. But that’s the point. It will be just nice, like thousand similar “nice” texts.

Do you know these kinds of texts where you start reading and you think that it is ok, but it does not affect you? Any impact, any little thought of you is simply missing. Just, because this text can be substituted by many others with a similar content.
An agency can help you to make things run and prepare also content, based on the information you give them. They can offer you the framework with some building blocks inside, let’s say.

But only you can make your content a unique one by inserting a bit of your personality, your passion and your dreams, by underlining what is important to you and what YOU offer to the reader.
Don’t forget to market what makes you and your business unique. Show your excellence, like a flower in the middle of green.

This will make the difference!

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