Social entrepreneurship – a business in need of catalyzers?

When you google for social entrepreneurs you find a huge number of articles, explanations, foundations and contributions. And examples. But rarely these articles give an overview on how these enterprises are connected to others and where could be potential for collaboration among themselves and with industries.
I am convinced this type of collaboration could contribute that much to accelerate the impact and create more benefit. The problem is how to collaborate if the do not even know from each other? If there are no connections they can build on and find out?

Just imagine there were more innovative ways of contacting and pioneering openess from all stakeholders involved. Where someone would invest into promotional activities for supporting and pushing these contacts e.g. by offering just smart lists (locally, regional, nationally and internationally) or successful platforms indicating

  • social enterprises active in certain fields, e.g. Nutrition, hygiene, health and
  • industries active in the same regions and fields and/or potentially interested to explore new partnerships
  • maybe also events scheduled where they could meet – among themselves and with the others
  • In times of social business it should not be too complicated to organize it.
    But too often it is still by chance that they meet and get in contact. Too often the daily work does not allow to google hours for finding potential partners from whom we do not know if they would be interested in exploring new ways, too. Too often it is still too difficult to get in contact “without” recommendations or without a third organization.

    What do you think?

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