Hi, I am Mr Innovation ….


Innovation today is one of the most used buzzwords when it comes to presentations, company discussions, future business plans. Innovation is key to the future – this is what generally is thought and connected to this term.
Often specific projects and teams are set up to do innovation, to collect innovative ideas, some specifically “advanced” departments aim to become innovative leaders (because they are experienced, they have the technical knowledge, they are specialist …) and focus on innovative success stories. By inventing innovation out of their teams and departments. Innovation becomes a goal out of itself to achieve … What? Future success? New Business models? What is it that innovation is about?

Sometimes, I have doubts. Because innovation for itself, separated from our daily business is an island without access. And somehow damned right from the beginning to lead to a short-term success only. It’s innovation without roots.
Wouldn’t it be better to talk less about innovation as the fantastic, specific goal, but focus much more on innovation just becoming a part of the daily way of doing business?

As in the article mentioned below I think it could be worth to discuss what are the key elements in making this happen:

Would it be a good idea to simply “forbid” the use of the term innovation? If so, what should we do instead in order to rally people around the innovation movement? Tricky, I know…

For me the key is: diversity.
Diverse teams, crossfunctional collaboration and the right business atmosphere to listen, to respect and to learn together.
Remains just the question on how we can achieve this in a consequent manner.
Any idea?

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