Millenials: Will the digital generation change the society?

“Individuality, profile, Design thinking methodology, more networking – we need a completely different approach and change.”
This is what we can hear in a huge number of discussions, conferences, publications. The idea that we do not need more from what is already there, but need to be and act differently is a promising goal.

What millenials think about it, gives some hope

  • Technology is more an opportunity than a risk.
  • It leads to more inequality among rich and poor
  • Males feel better prepared by using technology than women.
    This generation does not feel covered by the political issues discussed today and want to change. They take new approaches. Economics is one of the biggest issues they are afraid about.
    12% feel as Millenium elite. This is in the middle compared to other countries.

    They see huge opportunities for social change: transparency and networking.

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