Happiness for society wanted? Make the vision touchable!

What defines happiness in your country? The number of excellent plans how to make people stay better? Economic growth? A good government?
In the academic world social impact, happiness and make-the-world-better-concepts are broadly discussed and shared value or the social progress index are leading terms.

“There has always been the idea that economic growth is what gives you wellbeing, but what the index shows is that it also works the other way around and that wellbeing also creates economic progress. If a country is more stable and more at peace, then clearly it’s a better place to do business.”
This is what e.g. Michael Green and Michael Porter describe when they explain the SPI, the social progress index.
Fantastic concepts, by the way and promising developments in the academic world.

Sometimes, this academic approach might be a little too theoretical, a little bit too complicated to be understood by everyone.

Therefore, I like this video: What does a successful country look like Because this video makes this vision of a better future more touchable and explains with good examples and funny designs what this all means.

Thanks to @ socialprogress! Fantastic work!

And the learning?
Do you want to change society? Then you cannot do it by your own. You have to go across traditional borders, make it known outside your function, company, university, city…You need your society, everyone who listens. Share it, bring in as many people, managers and companies as possible, convince them and make them supporters of this revolutionary idea. Is this not the best warranty to make it happen?

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