Next month you will do better, won’t you?

Do you know this? Thinking of what is happening with your health, your relationships, your business, your surroundings, your private life – you know the challenges and you know where change is needed.
There is so much we can do better: care for our partners, work in a more strategic way, start to implement long term goals, read various interesting articles which since weeks are on your desk, visit the old aunt at the weekend as promised ma

We know what we need to do in the future, but now?
We know what we need to do in the future, but starting now?
ny weeks ago, do more sports, eat less ….
But when the time arrives, you feel suddenly the extremely reduced willingness to do it and often you decide to take the easiest way. You react in an emotional way on what your mind has decided so well.

The future planning is rational, today’s acting is driven by emotions

Instead of initiating a complex change, you go with what works at the moment, although data and facts indicate that a change is really needed and it is obvious that it will have negative consequences, if you don’t do it. But…. the scientific articles? Uffa… let’s watch a nice film on TV for now …the aunt? Sorry, I have worked that much. I need to relax…and sports? Ok, tomorrow…the huge society challenges? …So complex, better to think again before doing.

Thinking about the future and recognizing clearly the needs – that’s what we all are able to do. We know very well which changes are necessary. We are able to take the right conclusions. In theory. Whether it is about our private life’s or the huge world problems. We know at least what is the direction to take.
Demographic challenges? Immigrations? New markets? Green energy? State debts?
We need to provide support to the aging generations and develop a new system on how to take care and finance it. We need to introduce integrative measurements that avoid a further raise of aggressivity, misunderstandings, develop a new societal thinking. We need to switch off the lights more often and invest in renewable energy. We need to save money…. Now.
Or maybe better next week?

Good Thinking is not the problem, the ventral loop is the ‘devil’
So, it is simply not enough to think, conclude and take good decisions.
This very logical process works as long as planned activities are scheduled in the future, but when the future arrives – often quicker than we think – our decisions get in trouble. What is so clear, gets the ventral loop attack: the near future is driven by feelings and emotions. Our rational planning needs to be confirmed – emotional- wise. You already know: that’s where our plans often fail…

Accordingly, the advice is since ancient times: Be reasonable! Do not give your immediate impulses after! Train your willingness…

I do my best. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

By the way, I should do my morning sports now …ok, I will do. Although it is so nice and relaxing sitting here. My inner voice is still combating. But I take my sport shoes and go. For a better life, for my health, for not just talking, but doing.

What about you today?

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