A travel to India – Ready to go


The backpack is ready.  The hours before starting a travel are always spcial – when you pack and unpack, reorganize and reflect if you have thought of all necessary things. You get the basics into the backpack, then you start thinking that one or another detail could be added unless you find that it is definitely too much and you start laughing about yourself. Hey, you do not need it and in case you do, you will find always a solution ….
The few things you really need are there, the documents and visa are ready, the tour in Mumbai is confirmed, the most important telephone numbers are conserved in your mobile and in case you will lose it, also written on a piece of paper, the medicine against diarrhea (just asking myself how many motions – that’s how the call these attacks in Mumbai – will take place) is in the backpack.

Better to concentrate on some facts now and to go through the tour details:

The travel route: Mumbai, Dharewadi, Purushwadi, Pune, Cochin, Peermade, Coimbatore, Cochin, Mararikulam

Travel start: 26 March

Some highlights:
Mumbai dinner with an old Indian friend, meeting some business people, Dharavi slum – visiting social enterprises, ferry experience and sightseeing
Dharewadi: “Watershed Management” concept and visit of several projects where the sustainable use of water is demonstrated, esp. for agricultural production in an area known for its prolonged drought, visit of cattle and vegetables markets, visit of institutions active in fruit cultivation and reforestation, spending a day with a local family and fieldwork, stay at NGO
Peermade: visit of the Peermade development society, visit of several organic production and processing sites, meet farmers
Coimbatore: visit of Milma, a state dairy in Kerala, and a silk farm, visit of agricultural faculty of Coimbatore’s university, visit of “Attappady cooperative farming society”, a cooperative cultivating pepper and coffee, discussions with merchants and producers
Cochin: harbor life and Chinese fisher nets
Mararikulam sightseeing and relax

I am really curious what will happen. The travel can start. 🙂

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