Twoandahalfweeks in India – back in Germany


One week has passed since we left India and turned back to Europe.
One week where the daily life here in Germany has re-started.
Eastern. Brunch with the family. Food in all variations. Crowded supermarkets. Chocolate invasion.

The streets here: somehow too clean and somehow … empty. Maybe they have cleaned up during the last weeks? Where is all the waste you can find here on the highway exits and in our parks? I remember there were also huge amounts … Ok, much less than in India, but … do I simply not see it anymore?

What do I take away?

The incredible colours. The colours of the land, the green, brown, yellow earth colours, especially in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
The colours of the people wearing beautiful clothes and jewelry. The flowers …
The smiling, friendly looking faces. People who like to be photographed.
The light and warm temperatures. Humid, but I like it.
The Ayurveda oil massages where you stay on these wooden tables and feel like a fish 🙂 and where you ask how to turn around and to stand up without slipping away.
Cows, dogs and birds and moving vehicles…The temple culture. Women who engage and work hard.

The incredible amount of waste everywhere, the long journeys from A to B where you just sit and observe so many different ways of lives passing in front of you, the lack of water. How life may look during the upcoming Monsun months?
Some incredible rich Indians on houseboats or nice houses in middle of poverty, poor and very poor people. Broken streets and houses, the mix of so many voices and rumors.

There is still a lot to do. Many things that can/should be optimized by allowing a better education, infrastructures, better health systems. Initiatives that support people to take care on their future.

And nevertheless … the question comes up how to support in the right way, in a way that allows India and it’s people to find the right balance of modernization and traditions. The right impact. India as it is today, has that much to offer. Also to us, from the developed countries.

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