The world is big. Why just becoming a chicken farmer?

The world is asking for more education. Wherever you go, the call for more, for a better education is obvious. Be it in the developed or in the developing world. But what often is underestimated is that we do not need just education, but diversity of education for ensuring economic growth and change making people. And maybe even for bringing more happiness to the world …

Pedro, the chicken farmer
Just imagine a country where you have just a few different industries and all what people learn is around these industries. A thousands of Pedros, the chicken farmers…How should growth take place? If everyone becomes a chicken farmer, very soon the market conditions will be very hard, the outcome low. The chance to be really successful and to develop a new business even lower. With the uniformed way of doing economic and private success is going down. Frustration will join soon.
So what?

The orchestra approach is needed. Just within higher school education systems to educate people to think critically with communication skills and fostering civic engagement. Maybe this is what makes (social) entrepreneurs different from others.
But education is more than pure systematic school education.
Education lasts the whole life and offers that much – you are open to learn and to experience.

What guarantees diversity thinking and acting?

I personally believe there are three golden rules:

1. Travel whenever you can
2. Talk and even moren listen to people – whenever possible to those who have a completely different life, job and/or family status. Differ in age and social status, too.
3. Try out new things that are not a logical consequence of what you already do.

If managers are open to experience projects from the developing world onsite, if we offer more and more cheap solutions of traveling around the world and opportunities to get in close contact with guest families, if we ask not just to do people always the same, but to take over different roles and tasks from time to time, I think we go a huge step ahead.
Everyone can find everyday an even small activity that he/she does in a different way from yesterday. So, why not?
Maybe the boring selfishness that sometimes even ends in illness, pure negative thinking and commodity status that makes so many people unhappy can be reduced significantly . Because we all need challenges and experiences to grow.

The world is so big, we need just to go and see. And to encourage each other to do so.
What do you think?

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