Indian Gysire and a smile

It all started with that smart hotel boy helping me to bring my luggage to the room. “Very special, room, Ma’m, very good one – everything new”. Ok, not too bad. Indeed when I entered I could see some interesting things and the hotel boy started to explain: “Look, Ma’m, good rocking chair, you stay and relax. Nice furniture, automatic lock and …special thing in bathroom “. He smiles all over the face. 

This room here is one of these experiences that make India so attractive, Indian style. Unique. A twenty buttons for lights and reception call options, a double glass window to reduce the rumor outside, but with some open spaces above and below to make fresh air come in and … the gysire machine in the bathroom. 

The drama in the bathroom

Next morning, time to take a shower. As the hotel boy explained yesterday I have switched on the heater buttons already ten minutes ago. Im going to touch the tap button. But which one? There are 8 different taps on the gysire. Nothing happens. Ah, not these switchs … The other one at the side of the ‘gysire’. WAAH, cold water shoots out from the left and right. Immediate stop needed, turn off. Then again I switch it on – this time with caution. Ok. I try to turn one of these buttons at the gysire machine. Splash on the right. One splash. Then it stops. Another button and … At a certain point of my experiments even hot water starts coming out. Well, cocking water temperature. Ok, a last try and I succeed: Unfortunately just in one of the gysire’s taps that are above my feet   

So, I take the bucket, add some cold water to the boiling and go for the traditional method on how to take a shower. Finally, everything works fine. 

Well, these are just some day by day surprises which make me smile. You just have one choice: you love it or you hate it. I prefer the first one and the smiles. 

Just remains to share with you a last room surprise: the safety box put on the wardrobe as a takeaway. Cash and carry 😉 Wouldn’t this be an innovative business idea for other markets, too?

The safety box -cash and carry
The safety box -cash and carry

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  1. Aparajit says:

    Trust me, there are more wonders in India than that.


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