Indian tribal drumming dreams and missing opportunities

Young tribal male drummers
Young tribal male drummers

 Often when I visit tribal villages most of the males have left for school, for work, for a walk into another village … This time school holidays have started and some young boys between ten and twenty sit under a tree or close to a house, all together, and talk. “I wish we had some sport items, a ball or a cricket rag,” they say. They sit there, often hours and hours. Some of them would like to have Internet access, but rarely they have a mobile and if so only very old models, no smartphones. No Internet access at all. Bycyles? Other kind of materials to spend their time with?  I haven’t seen anything. There is a lot of natural material they could work with. But the ideas might be missing, someone who can inspire them, give them challenges to construct, build, experience and learn even some professional abilities. 

“I’d like to learn programming, the Internet,” one of them tells me. “I want to become a constructor,” another young adult adds. Both are 18 and 19 years old. But there is no teacher, no professional education and no basic equipment nor inspiration on how to start. 95% of male population in India are unorganized workers, with no professional education . Most of the social work – that’s just my own impression and I don’t have any statistics about if – is dedicated to women and young females. The world talks about the need to develop the women. In the big social conferences, the Western TV, in the world of NGOs.  That’s right and needed. 

But what if the boys and young men would be integrated in these programmes much more? If they felt more challenged and got more chances to go ahead? It would be beneficial to all family structures … The male world in the developing sector today is obviously not in the center of attention.  That’s not good. There is so much potential here that could be developed.  

A drumming welcome  by young males
A drumming welcome by young males

The only time whenever I meet them and feel the enthusiasm and a lot of energy is when they play the drums. Often in the evening hours. Or for welcoming someone. During functions. Experiencing a tribal drumming boy group is amazing. But just have a look by yourself at this Video and enjoy the tribal drummers .

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