The Sulfi Gospel Project and an interesting conference on Social  Entrepreneurship in India

Award winning Singer and composer Sonam Kalra
Award winning Singer and composer Sonam Kalra

When you listen to it the first time, it sounds strange, a mixture of East and West, presented by the Sulfi Gospel project. As Sonam Kalra says “it is about creating a sound that touches every soul.” Sonam is the founder of the Sulfi Gospel project and she is a changemaker. Her efforts consist in blending the voices of all faiths, by combining song, music and spoken word. Traditional western gospels melt with Indian classical sounds and Indian spiritual texts are enriched by elements of Western poetry. “John Lennon is one of my favorite musicians”, she explains after she and her team has presented a Sulfi a Gospel during the Sankalp Forum in Delhi this week. 

Listen to the Sulfi Gospel Project (Sankalp music follows soon, an example of the music you find at related material section below) 

Sankalp Forum Conference 2015 in Delhi, India
Sankalp Forum Conference 2015 in Delhi, India

The Sankalp Forum has taken place for the 7th time now in India. It is one of the most known Social Entrepreneurship conferences in Asia and Africa. Here in Delhi more than 100 small and medium- size enterprises haven given insights in their social work, products and services. More than 1000 delegates, mostly from India, but also Japan, US and many other countries have participated. It was interesting to stay, learn and talk to many , many people. A two and a half day event full of interesting discussions with ministers, representatives from international NGOs, social entrepreneurs, agencies from the sector and people who want to become part and accelerate Social entrepreneurship in India. Across all boundaries and borders – likewise Sonam and the Sulfi Gospel project.
More about the conference and some personal statements

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