Coming to Germany – an African’s Tale: From the separation of garbage to Schweinshaxe mit Bratkartoffeln…..

Collaborating with Social Entrepreneurs

Applications, assessments, visa procedures, language course and practical training: my life has turned into a whirlwind of change. The greatest change is yet to come.

My journey to Germany begun with an advertisement in a Ghanaian newspaper calling for qualified persons to apply for the “AFRIKA KOMMT!” 2014-2016 programme. “AFRIKA KOMMT!” is an Initiative of German Industry for Future Leaders from sub-Saharan Africa where 19 of Germany’s leading businesses have committed themselves to a common cause. In 2008, they launched the programme and in so doing, laid the foundation stone for sustainable economic cooperation with Africa. The programme not only trains young, future managers from sub-Saharan Africa on-site with German companies, but is also directed at forming stable cooperative partnerships for the future.

After several years of working with the GIZ GmbH in Ghana, I thought it wise to broaden my horizon and expand my career prospects in Germany, so…

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