Help! Too many photos from India  …  

You may know the problem with the photos. You come home from a travel and your beloved, friends and colleagues ask you to share some pics. That’s even more requested the more unusual the stay and the experience have been.  

l have spent more than four months in India, having been involved in social activities and working with several organizations, in several locations.  And I have thousands of photos: Pictures, impressions everywhere .. I could not do less and it seems I have now India in miniature at my home office. I have seen a lot, but probably it is just a small part of what you can see in India. 

However, the number of photos is not shareable – no one will be able and have the time to watch them all. No friend, no family member, no colleague. So, I have to get through and find the best. Let me share a few here, topic- wise. I would be happy to get your comments if they should be part of the collection top hundred 🙂

Focus: people

 Image 1
Image 2  

Image 3  

Image 4  

Image 5  

Image 6  

Image 7  

Image 8  

Image 9  

Image 10    

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