Online Training in India – an interesting infographic and often free of costs

Online training – this might be a key for future learning – in developed and emerging countries. It does not matter where you live or how old you are. It does not matter who you are or what you have learned before, there is no access limitation (and if so, it might be the missing Internet/device) – whether you have a diploma or you are just interested to find out more on a certain topic, you can join. Online trainings are often free of costs and therefore affordable to everyone.
This kind of learning have a huge impact, because it is open to everyone and it is the first time in history that everyone have access to knowledge.
In the emerging countries and there where money is lacking or there are not enough and good teachers, e-learning is filling a real gap. As it is Internet based you can even take your course with you and study from home or wherever you are.
I think the Indian example gives an idea on this development – there is still a huge potential to optimize. But it is definitely a development that in this way was not imaginable just a few years ago.

Infographic: Online Learning in India
Online Learning in India Infographic
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Are you interested to find out more on what you can learn for free? I personally use a lot an online based university platform, called Coursera. This is an online platform that offers video-based e learning sessions. The duration of these courses which you can do for free cover nearly every topic you can imagine: From biology to economics, from country specific history, global health, managment and leadership, finance and international right to social psychology and many, many topics more. The courses are mostly designed for learning packages between 6 – 12 weeks, including assessment centers, quizzes, and possibilities to connect to other students around the world and to earn certificates (generally, only if you want to get an official certificate you have to pay, but the access to all information and learning issues as well as the active participation in the course is for free and offered by many real university professors and teachers around the world).
What you need to participate:

    • a good Internet connection
      a device where you can get access to the respective website
  • If you are interested to learn and find out more, you should have a look at

    Just for your information: there are offered on a regular basis courses on social entrepreneurship and social topics in general, as well.
    To those particularly interested in India: At the moment a course “Contemporary India”, a course on Indian’s history and economy from the last 50 years to now has started. Really very exciting!

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