The magic bus: play and change – a successful social enterprise India

Matthew Spacie, founder of the Magic Bus, has set up a livelihood program for the poor children living in slum areas that really empowers. Because it matters and because it is based on the people living there. Because it starts from where the people are, what they think, how they live and where there are starting points to a better, sustainable life circumstance for them. It is not just a development as we think they should do, but one they really like and where respect and community thinking plays an important role.

Matthew Spacie’s Magic Bus has won the social entrepreneurship award of India in 2011: “ The key point in the story, for instance, is the fact that it is community- based; the youth leaders, children and parents, that take ownership of solving the problems they face. We provide young people with the right skills, and open up opportunities for them through various private and public sector partners. Ultimately, by the time our children develop into adults, they are ready to be in higher education, vocational training or full-time employment.”

Watch the video

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