Kho Phi Phi – a paradise for realists

  There is no paradise on earth. You should know. 

But an idea on how it could look you can get when you visit Kho Phi Phi in the low season and you don’t stop at the ferry pier where the day tourists come and – of course – Kho Phi Phi’ habitants have discovered well on how to make money: bars, shops of each kind, tourist homes, diving ‘experiences’ – and even a lot still under construction. It’s a touristic point par excellence.  Here, in the high season, it is “terrible” for those who think they arrive in paradise. Probably, it is then rather a target for a tour to ‘hell’. Backpacker beach parties with high consumption of alcohol. 

However, if you are ready to accept that a nice bungalow with the beach in front, air conditioning and a nice restaurant could be part of a paradise you should definitely enjoy Kho Phi Phi. The nature is amazing, especially if you leave the arrival point, take a taxi boat and go to one of the beaches a few km away.  

The Paradise resort
The Paradise resort

How nice would it be to stay here for some months and just relax, think about life or write a book?

After a while I discovered also some challenges while living here. There is the waste issue. Every evening some boats pick big bag with plastics and carry it away. 

The waste pickers
The waste pickers
There is even a school here at Kho Phi Phi, but the cultural offers for the habitants are limited. 

Romantic sunsets, snorkeling, diving – that’s what makes tourists say ‘wow’.  The habitants of Kho Phi Phi might find it less attractive. Most of them spend hours with their mobiles – on the search of their own paradise. 

Well, that’s how it works today. Even the paradise is individualized.  

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