Is your social enterprise just social without enterprise?

Sustainability is simply key. Without being entrepreneurial all social activities will stop once funding or your own engagement stops.

Go India, go future!

Social entrepreneurship is more than just helping people because you want to help. If people help each other, it is fantastic, but if you want to dedicate your life to it as a social entrepreneur, you need a clear idea on how to make money and how to create a win- win situation.
It wouldn’t be just wrong, but also unethical to start without a business plan, because you will fail and leave behind a mass of hopes and people who have counted on you.
Unfortunately, gaining money is not just a secondary effect, which comes automatically. It is not enough to be a do good person with all your energy and to think that this means also a regular income and the financial basis for growing and scaling up your business.

The operative word here is “enterprise.” The fact that the revenue and operations of your businesses are earmarked…

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